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We are here to help

We are available for consultation in a variety of areas! If you are in the San Diego county area, we can even come to your space to advise you. If you are further out, we can do a virtual visit!

Some areas of consultation

  • Best Use of the Backstage

  • Tool Area/Building Area Organization

  • New Teacher Support

We also have periodic workshops on these topics

  • Basic Safety and Set Construction

  • Building Techniques and Secrets

  • Costume and Sewing Techniques and Secrets

  • New Teacher 101: Getting Your Bearings

  • Sound Design: Qlab and Audacity

The most cost effective way to experience the workshops are to have us come and do a district wide training so you create a cadre of colleagues.


"Often, I am anxious or nervous about asking theatre questions.  Julie and Kirsten create a safe environment where you can ask numerous questions about teaching theatre."


"I am refreshed and motivated for next year!"


"[This] week has been a wonderfully intense and comprehensive experience."


"This week presented an intensity and seriousness of purpose that I haven't observed in most of the workshops I have attended in my career."


"This has been the most helpful professional development opportunity that I have experienced since I began teaching theatre."


"I specifically enjoyed leaving each day with new knowledge that I now have the confidence to teach to my students in class"


"Kirsten and Julie were infinitely patient, funny and helpful. The entire day was loads of fun and incredibly educational."


"I've already incorporated a ton of stuff and I haven't even started school yet."


"I wish that every single theatre teacher in the county had the opportunity and willingness to learn from you both."

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