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    New Teacher 101: Getting Your Bearings
    Secrets and shortcuts in creating a new program or ways to successfully transition from another teacher to you. We will talk about advocacy, transition, creating leadership potential with students and creating a new program reality for your students. Lesson plan scope and sequence included.
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    Safety and Set Construction
    Safety MUST be a priority for your theatre program. Learn how to teach the basics of safety to actors and theatre technicians, as well as some tricks of the trade to improve the culture of Safety First for your program and facility. Experience a hands-on activity that will ensure proper tool usage.
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    Technical Theatre: A Survival Guide
    Join us as we plan out a year-long beginning technical theatre course for you and your program. Julie and Kirsten will share successful lessons and units of study. By the end of the day, you will have a map for the school year and lessons you can incorporate into your classroom immediately.
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    Lighting and Sound Design Basics
    Learn the basics of teaching stage lighting as well as how to identify and care for equipment. For sound, we discuss basics of sound design and create a show playlist (complete with editing and levels), sound board basics and wireless mic placement.
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    Costume Basics
    Learn creative and cost saving methods for costuming a show. We will share a costume unit as well as sewing basics for you to pass on to your tech students. Create a period costume using some thrift store finds.

"You don't need to know everything about everything    you just need to know more than the students."

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