Here is a collection of some of the shows we have done over the years. Make sure you click on the image to reveal a helpful tech tip!

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Rock of Ages
Wigs paired with lots of costumes that are easily found in stock, student's personal closets, and at thrift stores create the classic 80's look!
You Can't Take It With You
Using a few simple tricks can convey architectural detail in an interior set. Researching the time period helped set a color palette and using base, crown, and panel moulding really sell the interior.
Use of transformants (stretchy fabric shapes often used in trade shows) and lighting can create dramatic effects!
The Hollow
A relatively simple set of stock flats. An easy way to make an arch (like the one into the hallway) is to create an insert piece between existing flats. Same with the french doors in back--much easier that creating a specialty piece just for that show.
Mack and Mabel
This show during the era of silent films, so this became a concept set of a film strip. Blocks of color with some texture to create an older look.
Easy set utilizing scaffolding, fencing, and vinyl lettering for the signs in background.
The Whole Darn Shooting Match
Using crown moulding (even if it is just strips of 1x4 or lumber layered on a wider strip of plywood) can give the eye a stopping spot and "finish" off a set.
Still Life with iris
Some shows lend themselves to a concept set such as this one. This play revolves around the idea that each person has a "memory coat" and they have buttons for memories. The main character loses her coat and is in search of it throughout the play. To underscore this concept, the platforms became huge buttons. Note that black paint can "erase" the supports for the orange platform.
James and the Giant Peach
Some upcycled whiskey barrel rings (found for free online) and a cyc can create a striking look! This production used a steampunk aesthetic and the large steel ladder was used for many locations.
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