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Online LEarning

There are many resources out there, in fact, too many. It all can seem exhausting and confusing during a time already filled with overwhelm.

Let us help.

We culled through the sea of online resources and plucked out some strong choices to help you through this year. Many theatre teachers out in the world created some wonderful lessons and we pulled some together for ease of use. As happens with much of theatre creation, we tweaked what we found and sprinkled in some of our own flair. We do not claim to be the sole creators of these lessons and have tried to credit folk if we could. Think of us more as a DJ who took a bunch of songs and created a playlist to get you through.

Need to be talked off the ledge? Grab a cup of chai and watch these videos

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 10.58.25 AM.png

How do we get to know our students when we are teaching virtually? Here is a blog with some Getting to Know You digital lessons that I am going to utilize!  (blog from July 30, 2020)

THIS IS US- So grateful to have found this! I have really enjoyed getting to know kids in an easy format and I have been learning from their comments too!

Here is a list of things we are putting together for our Supply Boxes for Technical Theatre to go along with the first Quarter of Tech lessons. 

Supplies LIst for Virtual Tech theatre c

 Activities cover the areas of set design, costume design, make up design, puppet creation, problem solving in construction, sound design, lighting design, stage composition, drawing, and more.

Looking for a longer project? Have students design a theme park in this Khan Academy course. Disney's Imagineering in a Box allows you to explore different aspects of theme park design, from characters to ride development. 

Design Your Life Infographic.png

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Ready to dive in a bit deeper? Here is curated list of online resources that you may find helpful. Lots here to wander through when you have time and there are resources for the teacher and resources that can be used directly with your students.

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