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Lighting resources


Intro to Lighting Design Pt.1 - Dramatics, 2009

Intro to Lighting Design Pt. 2 - Dramatics, 2010

Getting to Know the ERS (Leko) - Dramatics, 2002

Guide to Lighting Positions: Playing the Angles- Dramatics, 2010

Vocabulary for the Lighting Technicians - Dramatics, 2011

Using Color in Light - Dramatics, 2015

Making a Battery-powered Lantern - Dramatics, 2009

Dramatics and Teaching Theatre are published by the Educational Theatre Association. For more information, visit


Learn Stage Lighting - YouTube channel with lots of informative videos

Matt Kizer: Scenic and Lighting Design - A great resource for a teacher and students to visually see some lighting choices "on stage." Some free resources and some subscription ones. (Students could screenshot their lighting "looks" to turn it in). 

Mulvaney Studios Light Lab Interactive - A free interactive resource that allows you to place lights in many locations, and change angles, colors, and objects to light.

ETC Blog: Exploring colors and gels:  A cool lesson showing how gels fool your eyes and change the color of things. They suggested M&Ms but we have found more success with Tropical Skittles.

Working in the Theatre; Lighting Design

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