Set Construction resources


T3 Rehearsal Boxes Directions


Build a Rehearsal Cube - Dramatics, 2009

Creating Lightweight Fabric Scenery - Teaching Theatre

Building Molding with Cardboard - Dramatics,1998

Knots - Stage Directions, 2015

Releasing Something from a Rail - Stage Directions, 2005

Rigging Books to Fall and Reset - Stage Directions, 2017

Throwing Knives - Stage Directions


Seejanedrill - This is a treasure trove of not only basic carpentry knowledge, but lots of house repairs too!

Adam Savage: Tested - This is a quirky channel that has some high interest content that can be used to inspire your Tech students to think and create!

How to Build a Set Wall (Hollywood Flat Style)

How to Make Styrofoam Look Like Brick/Stone

Stair Building - This YouTube Channel has info on all types of stairs-basic stair unit, escape stairs, and even curved.

"You don't need to know everything about everything    you just need to know more than the students."

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