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There is a veritable sea of resources out there, but it can be overwhelming to wade through them all.

We do NOT claim to be the originators of this material- merely curators. 

Here are some resources we found helpful when we started our programs and continue to use still: magazine articles, Educational Theatre Association links, and other resources.

Important Links

Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) - This organization is here to serve you, the school theatre teacher! EdTA honors student achievement in theatre, supports teachers by providing professional resources, and influences public opinion that theatre education is essential for building life skills. It has online lesson plans that are aligned to the National Theatre standards, webinars, professional development opportunities, and community boards. When you have a Thespian troupe, as the troupe's sponsor you are automatically a member and will receive all the benefits. Check out Theatre in Our Schools Advocacy.


Dramatics Magazine - This monthly publication comes free to you as a sponsor of a Thespian troupe and is FILLED with articles for you and your students about jobs, best practices, and techniques. New Thespians also get this for a year along with their membership.

Teaching Theatre Magazine - This quarterly publication is included in a Thespian Troupe Sponsor's membership and is filled with articles specifically geared towards the teacher. Membership in the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) is an excellent investment for you and your program!

Stage Directions - This is a magazine for industry professionals, but often has interesting interviews with professional designers and managers that can be used for classroom work. I particularly enjoy a short section called Answer Box where they explain some effect for a show. This magazine is free- click HERE to sign up for it.

HS Tech: Stage Design and Technology - This is a very useful site with a variety of information on all manner of stage technology. It is geared to the high school technician, so it is very useful and has some ideas that could be used in creating lesson plans.

S​tagehand Primer -Created for the professional stagehands of NE Wisconsin, but with useful information for others, as well. Has information on many topics, including different types of theatre spaces and an excellent overview of the structure and function of the IATSE.

Crash Course Theatre and Drama- This is a fun and engaging playlist of videos covering many aspects of both Western and non-Western Theatre and traditions.

BYU Theatre Education Curriculum Database - Great resource that has Units and Lesson Plans in a wide variety of areas.

Broadway Educators - Broadway Educators' resource page, include many disciplines and types of resources

Open Culture - Free cultural and educational media from reference images to free silent movies to online courses.

PBS Learning Media - Many resources and videos to use in the classroom.

A BUNCH of Theatre Clips - We went down a rabbit hole of professional and regional theatres and found clips to show in Technical Theatre and Theatre classes to show a variety of concepts and productions. This is not definitive list, but a good start, and we are still adding to it.

Theatre Clips (Plays and Musicals)

Technical Theatre Clips

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